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The approved contractor of Security Guard services, providing quality security services to many organizations & private companies
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    We go out of the box to offer security services for corporate clients; to prevent tampering and unauthorized entry into the premises by our engineers developed a burglar alarm system in the house.
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    We will ensure that all that is dear to you will be safe, your family or your business.
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    Shield Diplomatic & Security Services
    Feel free to fill out our online form if you are interested in knowing more. We are ready to keep you and your business safe and secure.
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Why Choose Us

Your safety is our major concern

Technical Security Surveys

We have variety of security and fire protection systems or equipment at any level of convolution taking care of our family and business

Best CCTV’s System Network

We have the best CCTV solutions you can ever imagine and well trained technical personel to give you a satisfactory services

Mobile Surveilence of Vehicles

Surveillance vehicles can be parked in high-crime neighborhoods, and known trouble spots to monitor activity. We provide an easily deployable, cost-effective force multiplier that provides an extra set of eyes out in the field, and deliver the video and audio evidence needed to arrest and convict criminals.

2016 Won Best Security Agency Award!

Shield Diplomatic & Security Services is a security firm to be with, we maintained top-norch services making your safety our concern.

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What We Offers

We provide 24/7 security services to our valuable clients ensuring their safety is secured
  • risk assessment
    We offer expert occupational health and safety consultancy tailored to your organisational needs. We aim to provide a first-class standard of service through the use of experienced, qualified professional consultants and instructors.
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  • cctv systems
    Our 8 camera CCTV systems are designed to be easy to install and come with everything that you need for a complete cctv system. Each system has many optional upgrades. All CCTV systems include 8 security cameras, a DVR, power supply box, and all cables and connectors for a complete installation.
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  • web security
    Whether you're a Freelancer, Developer, or Agency, we have plans designed for your business and customers. We protect your customer projects, preserve your agency reputation, add or remove websites flexibly, rely on trusted professionals, and manage multiple domains (10+).
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  • escort monitoring
    Our success does not solely depend on the physical escort of vehicles, but also on extensive research prior to transport. We scrutinize the risk hotspots, safe and unsafe parking lots, suitable petrol stations, GPS/GSM black spots, road works and emergency services such as police, fire brigade, medical services, truck repair shops and so on.
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  • life protection
    No matter what kind of life insurance you choose, there’s no substitute for the peace of mind it can provide. Life insurance is one of the ways you can protect your family’s financial security should something happen to you.
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  • remote guarding
    Developments in camera, sensory, and access control technology have altered how and where many key security duties are performed. We are your eye in the sky, vigilantly watching over your property, residents, tenants and guests from a state-of-the-art command center.
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Your Questions Answered

We've gone ahead to answer your questions

Does your company do thorough background checks on all employees and sub-contractors?

We ensure we have vital details like your name, address, date of birth, social security number and payment information. This information can be used for identity theft and fraud. In addition, we make sure our installers that is coming in to your home or business does not have a criminal record, drug use or credit problems.

Who will be monitoring the security system and what qualifications and ratings do they have?

There is a difference in monitoring companies! We have well trained security officers of high class, with a minimum of 5 years experience in the industry. We have an institution and operational field where we educate our officers aiming to a highly trained emergency response agents and work to minimize false alarms.

Am I getting the newest and most up to date equipment?

We have the newest model equipment like our CCTV cameras, Spy Dome series, Video Recoder and so on. We have technical personel to upgrade your security systems to the most up to date software and firmware versions.

Does the system include all of the necessary features and points of protection for my premises?

Each residence and business is unique and have specific needs and concerns. Therefore, Shield Diplomatic & Security Services offers you with information and options to provide you with the best security solution possible.

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Mobile Surveilence of Vehicles
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